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Arrow Обновление UFi Box

UFI Software version

Support changes:
ADD: Over 5.4TB compressed files uploaded to the support servers
ADD: Revised support files core system
ADD: Revised built-in download manager with resume and queue support
ADD: Download limitation on each users(10 GiB or 20 files a day)

eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: Verify for User Partition
Used to verify data from the specific partition of eMMC againts data from file
ADD: Sector 0 verify for NAND Test function
BUGFIX: PIT file handling bug fixed on Factory image tab
BUGFIX: Workaround for FFU causing eMMC dead to moviNAND with VHX0 controller(KMVTU)
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: Disable MI Cloud Services
This function will patch firmware version 8.0 and below(on the fly) while flashing
Works on both Qualcomm and MediaTek platform
BUGFIX: UFI Box and UFI Dongle can now work simultaneously
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

[MediaTek tab]
ADD: Meizu SLA Auth support
Meizu Mediatek Devices will work just like other Mediatek Devices in general(requires internet connection)
ADD: Automated [Coolpad] Exit Factory Mode on firehose flashing procedure

[Qualcomm tab]
ADD: Support for Official LGE TOT Firmware extraction
ADD: Automated General CDT handling for Other Qualcomm devices(Lenovo) on firehose flashing procedure
BUGFIX: Oppo Qualcomm OFP extraction bug fixed
BUGFIX: Revised DA handling for MT6750,MT6755(Helio P10),MT6757(Helio P20),MT6795(Helio X10),MT6797(Helio X20)
BUGFIX: Revised [Oppo] Exit Fastboot Mode, now it should works on any known firmware variants

UFI Software Version

General changes:
Introducing UFIBox firmware version 1.12 (CHIP prog bugfix)
Introducing [USB] Device Manager toolbox menu
Fixed virtualization bug in Windows 10 Build 16299

Support changes:
Over 6.8TB compressed files uploaded to the support servers
intenal download manager improvements

eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: Option to resize filesystem when resizing userdata
Use this on "non-empty" userdata, It will resize filesystem on-the-fly according to userdata partition size without losing users data
ADD: Spreadtrum support on factory image tab
Input file is "BMAConfig" file (SCXXXX.xml), can be found on the extracted pac file
BUGFIX: EXT_CSD with repartitioning write bug fixed
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: Spreadtrum flashing and imei repair support
Spreadtrum device with eMMC storage is now supported for flashing, partial read, erase and write from the flash tab
Introduced in special task menu:
Factory reset, Backup and Restore NV, Clear FRP Lock
Identify or flashing spreadtrum devices requires "BMAConfig", fdl1 and fdl2 files which is part of the official firmware package(PAC, P5C or CPB file)
ADD: Extract support for CPB file version 2.0, 2.1
ADD: Revised Xiaomi Reset Mi Account Lock task
Mostly support all Xiaomi devices on the market including MiUI 9 with Android 7.2 or later
Reset Mi Account Lock task will disable secure system service so Mi Cloud service will be completely disabled after operation
Restoring firmware via flashing or OTA will re-enable the system service so device will be re-locked when internet connection enabled
ADD: Oppo secure imei repair support
Newer oppo devices come with secure(signed) imei
Currently supported device for now: Oppo A71
Before write imei, you have to patch secure imei from the flash tab, Special Task menu
ADD: Added latest BROM version 7.1817.3.0 for latest MediaTek chipset(MT6783, MT6771) support
For some models, you may have to select correct DA file manually
ADD: Added support for Qualcomm SDM630, SDM636, SDM640, SDM660, SDM670, SDM845 devices
ADD: Support for Nokia devices (Qualcomm and MediaTek) with official nb0 firmware files
ADD: Extract support for Nb0 file
ADD: Cache handling on model loads
WARNING: Do not rename "BRAND" and "MODEL" list to be different as at support site, certain features might not working properly !!!
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

CHIP Prog changes:
BUGFIX: Fixed write bug on small SPI NAND and eeprom devices(UFIBox firmware upgrade required)
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

UFI Software Version

General changes:
Added "report an issue" in the window popup menu
Fixed UFI Dongle detection bug in Windows 8.1 Build 9600
Improved support for Windows 10 Redstone

Android ToolBox changes:

ADD: Bug fixed for Mediatek BROM version 7.1817.3.0(was problematic for device with eMMC storage)
ADD: Mediatek META init support for latest MediaTek chipset(MT6783, MT6771)FLASHING
ADD: Flashing Support for Spreadtrum Devices directly with pac file(without extract)
ADD: Revised Qualcomm EDL flashing(handling sparse file on-the-fly)
ADD: Internal firehose loader for some "new" Vivo devices to bypass custom auth
ADD: Identification of Qualcomm firehose loader with VIP and custom auth
ADD: Flashing Support for Qualcomm firehose loader with VIP enabled (Latest Oppo devices, R11s, R15, A71 2018 and so on)
Partial Read, Write and Erase is blocked with firehose with VIP enabled
ADD: Extract support for latest ofp files (F7, R11s, R15 and so on)
ADD: "Clear App Cache" on Settings
ADD: Option to exclude spesific ports on Settings
BUGFIX: Meizu SLA auth for latest MediaTek models
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

UFI Software version

General changes:

Software version numbering changed
ADD: Extract support for RAR5 file format
ADD: System information for Android A/B system is now readed correctly
ADD: Improved reading system information for Android Oreo and Project Treble system

eMMC ToolBox changes:
ADD: Auto list PIT file inside tar.md5 archive on factory image tab
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements

Android ToolBox changes:
ADD: Meizu Qualcomm EDL with authorization flashing support
Currently supported models:
Meizu 15
Meizu 15 LITE
Meizu 16th
Meizu 16X
Internet connection required for remote authentication
ADD: Xiaomi Anti-Rollback repair via EDL
Note that newer Xiaomi devices require more authentication(Qualcomm and MediaTek model)
Some models has a bug which allow us to use "older" firehose without custom auth and some others had a bug to bypass custom auth.
Currently supported models:
Redmi Note 5, Mi 6X (SDM660)
Redmi S2/Y2, Mi MAX3 (MSM8953)
ADD: Revised Xiaomi Reset Mi Account Lock routine to support Oreo based MIUI
ADD: Qualcomm EDL Special tasks
Patch boot image(disable dm-verity, encryption) - oem sig
Patch boot image(disable dm-verity, encryption) - sig overflow
Switch to Global for Oreo based MIUI
ADD: Xiaomi sideload(MIUI Recovery) support, use the toggle button to switch between normal and MIUI sideload
ADD: Xiaomi Wipe data via MIUI recovery
ADD: Removed fastboot quick task, changed to fastboot special task
ADD: Motorola fastboot flashing support(correct parsing for xml file)
ADD: Motorola Bypass FRP Lock in the fastboot special task menu
ADD: USB connection status which will be usefull to identify problem caused by usb communication while flashing
ADD: Bypass FRP Lock(Bypass setup wizard) in the adb special task menu
ADD: Disable MIUI Service for non rooted devices in the adb special task menu
ADD: Extract support for newest OFP files
BUGFIX: QCN write bug fixed
BUGFIX: EDL flashing issue on old chipset
BUGFIX: EDL flashing issue with some Oppo devices with VIP enabled bug fixed
BUGFIX: Mediatek BROM version auto selection on older chipset
BUGFIX: Spreadtrum fdl load handler when working with PAC files directly(without extract)
BUGFIX: Bug while listing provisioning file resulting duplicate files
BUGFIX: Bug while listing multi(lun) rawprogram for devices with ufs storage
BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements
Тип файла: rar UFI_v1.3.0.1155_setup.part1.rar (60.00 Мб, 18 просмотров)
Тип файла: rar UFI_v1.3.0.1155_setup.part2.rar (60.00 Мб, 18 просмотров)
Тип файла: rar UFI_v1.3.0.1155_setup.part3.rar (48.77 Мб, 15 просмотров)

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