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Special 30% discount for special Ramadan promotion at TFM tool!
Offer valid for all packages.

6 months - $10.5
1 year - $14
2 years - $24.5

Duration of the promotion; 15.04.2023-19.04.2023

Order here - www.gsmservice.center


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xConfigExtractor added on Gsmservice !

914# xConfigExtractor for 1 device
915# xConfigExtractor for 30 day

xConfigExtractor is the ultimate software solution to recover important data from your iPhone’s SysCFG.
Without the correct SN, WMac / WiFi address and BMac / Bluetooth address, no iOS device can be activated.
If the data is lost, for example because the NAND chip died, this important configuration data can be recovered with xConfigExtractor.
XConfigExtractor works iOS version independent and is therefore also usable on iOS 15+ without any problems.

Device support
iPhone 6s / 6s plus (requires DCSD)
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 plus
iPhone X
iPad mini 4 (requires DCSD)
Future device support will be A9 / A10 based iPads and Apple Watches

How to use

How to order?
- Click order, you will receive activation string.

What you buy:
– a single-use token

Token do not expire without use…

Terms & Conditions
- XConfigExtractor working on MacOs . To avoid problems We suggest first install software , and test. Also check Purple mode on device .
- No refund for any reason, we only can help if your activation not arrived in your account.

Order here - www.gsmservice.center


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New services added:

917# Azumi NCK
918# Blu Phone NCK
919# Digicel NCK
920# Hisense NCK
921# Imo Dash-UK NCK
922# Itel Phone NCK
923# Mascom S750 NCK
924# Movitel NCK
925# Stylo NCK
926# Hurricane NCK
927# Tecno NCK
928# Mobiwire NCK
929# Vodacom NCK
930# Mobicel NCK
931# Vodafone NCK

Order here - www.Gsmservice.center


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Minacriss Team Update

Mina Ramdisk Activator V2.0

Mina announce UPDATE for Mina Ramdisk with improvements that supports iOS 13.X - 16.X on iPhone and now iPad.

Not Support 5s/6g/6p for now. Wait for Update.

- For old customers eliminate the bypass legacy (old mina tools can use mina ramdisk)

- Suppors for iPhone 6s-X iOS -13.x - 16.x
Not supported - 5S/6/6P
- OTA Updates
- iPad´s iOS 16.x (Gsm Devices)


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Update SMD RAMDISK Activator
with Signal 📶

💻 Mac Tool v.1.7 released

✅ Bugs fixed
✅ Added support iOS 16.5 B2-B4

ℹ️ Device must be restored to Hello mode

📥 Download Link

(https://bysmd.com/SMDRamdiskActivator.pkg)🆕 iOS 16.5 [Beta 4] downloads links

iPhone 8

(https://updates.cdn-apple.com/2023S...hone_4.7_P3_16.5_20F5059a_Restore.ipsw)iPhone 8 Plus

(https://updates.cdn-apple.com/2023S...hone_5.5_P3_16.5_20F5059a_Restore.ipsw)iPhone X (https://updates.cdn-apple.com/2023S...one10,3,iPhone10,6_16.5_20F5059a_Restore.ipsw)


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Gsmservice News .

1. Now Plist reader working on Windows .
2. Now service automatic. Order by Imei , connect to tool , after toll say success - 10 minutes FMIwill be off.
No need read, save, upload on filehosting.
3. China devices - now supported .
4. Now you can unlock your Iphone. ipad, Ipad , Iwatch within 10 minute !
I don't remember this from the beginning of my work in 2005

Order hjre - www.gsmservice.center


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Added today !

935# Best Unlocker Credit
936# Alseery unlocker credits
937# Infinity Products Serial Number Free Check
938# Infinity Dongle|Account repair processing fee in case of network|remote|usb sharing
939# Infinity Dongle|Account repair processing fee in case of other usage rules violation

Order here - www.gsmservice.center.


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1685510298016.png 1685510317239.png
Ok. What we know about New Sigma Plus (https://t.me/gsmservicecenter/12871)from Gsmserver Team ?

1. From now working only Sigma Plus 6 months and 1 year. All other packs - cancelled ( 1,2,3,4,5, Huawei Edition, Upgrade Pack, Counter Reset Pack ).
2. From now als Sigmakey, Sigmakey Huawei Edition, Smart Clip will automatically transform to Sigma Plus .
3. For Existing users will be added
More than 2 years old - 3 months ,
For 1-2 years old - 6 months
For activated less than 12 months - 12 months. (Check picture )
4. After activation expired - we can STEEL use Sigma PLus on latest software at the time of activation.
For use new version - need by 6 months or 1 year Sigma Plus activation.
We think it's fair

As always, we were among the first to add these activations
100# Sigma Plus 6 Month Activation
101# Sigma Plus 12 Month Activation

Order here - www.gsmservice.center