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iPhone 14 Pro Max Clone backup firmware for Pandora box


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Product Brand : Vonino
Product Manufacturer : Vonino
Product Model : Jax_Q
Product Name : full_boway6582_wt_l
Product Device : boway6582_wt_l
Product Board : Jax_Q
Board Platform : MT6582
Build ID : LRX21M
Build Date : 2022年 11月 07日 星期一 18
Display ID : ALPS.L0.MP2.V1_AEON6582.WT.L_P41
Version SDK : 21
Version Release : 5.0
Version Codename : REL
Firmware Version : 1667817351



  • Mediatek_MT6582_iPhone_14_Pro_Max_Clone.rar
    749 MB · Views: 43