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    Installer SamFw_Tool_v4.2 2023-03-08

    SamFw Tool update v4.2 [SAMSUNG] [MTP] - Info Samsung MTP: add read Android version and FRP status [MTP] - Fix stuck Waiting for DIAG port (Enable secret code Verizon) [MTP] - Fix detect Testmode for change CSC [LG] [LG UP] - Add LG UP (Flash KDZ LG) [ANDROID] [ADB] - Add Applications...
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    Xiaomi Mi 2A Xiaomi_MI_2A-JRO03L_DUMP_MF

    userarea.bin boot2.bin boot1.bin ext_csd.bin
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    Redmi K40 alioth Redmi K40 (alioth) _ENG Rom_Mobilforum

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    Added 13 dec 2022

    File Zone - Cert, NV, QCN - Xiaomi Xiaomi Redmi 6A cactus Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 merlin Xiaomi Note 8 Pro Begonian Xiaomi Redmi 9 lancelot Xiaomi Redmi 10 Selene Xiaomi Redmi 9C angelica Xiaomi Redmi 9a dandelion Xiaomi Redmi 9C NFC angelican File Zone - Emmc / Ufs Dump - Samsung Dump...
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    Added 02 dec 2022

    Added 02 dec 2022 Mi 6 Pro & C2 (centaur) Engineering ( ENG ) Rom Mobilforum Mi 10 Lite Zoom Youth 5G ( vangogh) Engineering ( ENG ) Rom Mobilforum Xiaomi 12 Pro (zeus) Engineering ( ENG ) ROM Mobilforum Xiaomi 12 Lite (taoyao) Factory Engineering (ENG) Rom Mobilforum Poco F1 (beryllium)...
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    Hydra Tool updates:

    Official site - here Credit consumption - here Official Support - here Need dongle #Hydra Main Tool v1.0.1.28 Full Free Huawei Service [Added] - OPPO Qualcomm OFP Firmware Extract [Added] - Huawei Hisilicon Partition Manager - Fastboot (List Partition, Read Partition, Erase Partition, Write...