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Pandora Box Updates

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Pandora PRO 6.3 Released. Lot of new phones added.

- Added support new Vivo security in Preloader mode for MT6781, MT6853, MT6891, MT6893
- Added Reset FRP in Download Mode (ODIN) for Samsung MTK phones
- Added support Samsung phones:

SM-A136B, SM-A136M - Galaxy A13 5G,
SM-A137F - Galaxy A13,
SM-A145P, SM-A145R Galaxy A14,
SM-A146P, SM-A146U, SM-A146U1, SM-A146W - Galaxy A14 5G,
SM-A3460, SM-A346B, SM-A346E, SM-A346M, SM-A346N - Galaxy A34 5G,
SM-M136B - Galaxy M13 5G

- Fixed some bugs

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Pandora 6.4 Exclusive Update Released.

- Added Activation/Renewal by "activation code"
- Added repair/patch CERT support for Oppo/Realme/OnePlus phones in Preloader mode (for compatible FW)
- Improved and added support new security Repair and Patch CERT for Oppo/Realme/OnePlus

- Added support MTK phones:
CPH2357 Oppo Reno8 Pro 5G, CPH2437 Oppo Find N2 Flip, CPH2481 Oppo Reno8 T, CPH2607 Oppo Reno11 Pro 5G,
OPD2201 Oppo Pad 2, OPD2202 Oppo Pad 2, OPD2301 Oppo Pad Air 2, OPD2302 Oppo Pad Neo, OPD2303 Oppo Pad Neo,
PHV110 Oppo Reno10 Pro 5G, PJH110 Oppo Reno11 5G
Realme Pad 2 RMP2204/RMP2205
OnePlus CPH2389 Nord N300, CPH2399, CPH2401 Nord 2T, CPH2469 Nord N20 SE
Oukitel C21 Plus, Oukitel C31, Oukitel C31 Pro, Oukitel C90 Pro, Oukitel F150 H2022, Oukitel RT2,
Oukitel RT3, Oukitel WP18 Pro, Oukitel WP20 Pro, Oukitel WP22, Oukitel WP30 Pro
Blackview BL8000, Blackview BL8800, Blackview BL8800 Pro, Blackview BL9000, Blackview BV4800
Blackview BV5200, Blackview BV5200 Pro, Blackview BV5300, Blackview BV5300 Plus, Blackview BV5300 Pro,
Blackview BV6200, Blackview BV6200 Pro, Blackview BV7100, Blackview BV7200, Blackview BV8900,
Blackview BV8900 Pro, Blackview BV9200, Blackview Oscal C30, Blackview Oscal C30 Pro,
Blackview Oscal S60 Pro Night Vision, Blackview Oscal S70, Blackview Oscal S70 Pro, Blackview Oscal S80,
Blackview Tab 13, Blackview Tab 13 Pro, Blackview Tab 11 WiFi, Blackview A96, Blackview A200 Pro,
Blackview Active 8 Pro, Blackview BV9300, Blackview BV9300 Pro, Blackview N6000, Blackview Oscal Tiger 12,
Blackview Shark 8, Blackview Tab 18‌
Kyocera: A001KC Katan Sumaho 2, A201KC Katan Sumaho 2 Plus, KC-T304, KC-T304C,
KY-42C Digno Keitai R, KY-43C Digno Mobile Cameraless, KYT34 Digno Tab WiMAX 2 Plus,
KYV47 Basio 4, KYV48 Gratina, S6-KC S6, S8-KC S8
Umidigi A13 Pro 5G, Umidigi A13 Pro Max 5G
Sparx Neo X
Xiaomi Redmi 13C/Poco C65 (Thanks for iProServis(Hojiakbar))

- Added support new Unisoc phones:
Oukitel C32, Oukitel C36
Sparx Neo 5 Plus, Sparx Neo 7 Ultra, Sparx Neo 7 Plus, Sparx S3, Sparx S9‌
Blackview A52 Pro, Blackview A53, Blackview A53 Pro, Blackview Active 6, Blackview Active 8,
Blackview Oscal C70, Blackview Oscal Flat 1C, Blackview Oscal Modern 8, Blackview Oscal Pad 13,
Blackview Oscal Pad 15, Blackview Oscal Pad 16, Blackview Oscal Pad 18, Blackview Oscal Spider 8,
Blackview Oscal Tiger 10, Blackview Tab 3 Kids, Blackview Tab 7 Pro, Blackview Tab 12 Pro, Blackview Wave 6C,
Blackview Tab 15 Pro, Blackview Tab 16, Blackview Tab 60, Blackview Tab 60 Kids, Blackview Tab 80
Nokia C22 (TA-1533, TA-1536, TA-1539, TA-1541)‌
Umidigi A13 Tab, Umidigi A15, Umidigi A15C, Umidigi A15 Tab, Umidigi Active T1, Umidigi G3 Max,
Umidigi G3 Plus, Umidigi G5, Umidigi G5 Mecha, Umidigi G5 Tab, Umidigi G5 Tab Kids
RMX3830 Realme C51, RMX3834 Realme Note 50, RMP2105 Realme Pad Mini, RMP2106 Realme Pad Mini

- GUI: Added Turkish and Arabic languages
- GUI: New button icons

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Gsmservice Support

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Pandora PRO 6.6 Update. New devices and new functions were added.

Added support MTK phones:

BMOBILE AX1065, AX1070E, AX1071, AX1091
Coolpad Cool 20S CP07

List of supported functions for listed MTK phones (Relock/Unlock Bootloader, Backup/Write/Format RPMB, Erase FRP, Format Flash, Read Info/IMEI/Partitions, Restore From Backup, Unlock Network, Switch Slot, Repair, Wipe Data/Partitions, Fix Dm-Verity, Fix DL Image Fail)

Added support new Unisoc phones:

- BMOBILE AX1017, AX1076+, AX1077, AX1082

- DOOGEE N50, N50 Pro, N60, S41 Max, S41 Plus, S41T,
T10 Plus, T10 Pro, T10E, T10S, T20, T20mini, T20mini Kid, T20mini Pro, T20S

- Hisense D7, HITV102C Hisense E22, HITV105C Hisense Q5,
HLTE100E Hisense U963, HLTE102E Hisense E30 Lite, HLTE103E Hisense U40,
HLTE105E Hisense E31 Lite, HLTE203T Hisense A5 Pro CC

List of supported functions for listed Unisoc devices (Relock/Unlock Bootloader, Backup/Write/Format RPMB, Erase FRP, Format Flash, Read Info/IMEI/Partitions, Unlock Network, Repair, Wipe Data/Partitions)

- new function for all Mediatek models - "Fix DL Image Fail"
- support TCL Tab 8 LE (9137W) in preloader mode

- Patch CERT for Mediatek Oppo/Realme/OnePlus
- Patch CERT for Nokia Unisoc

Fixed some bugs.

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#pandoraupdate, #noneeddongle

Pandora update full history- here

Gsmservice Support

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🔄Pandora Pro Update 6.7
Lot of new phones added. ‼️

✔️Added support Micromax phones:
- E7446 In note 2
- E7533 In 1b
- E7746 In note 1
- HS1 Canvas Infinity Life
- N8216 Infinity N11
- N8301 Infinity N12
- Q409 Bolt Supreme 6
- Q411 Canvas Fire 4
- Q412 Canvas Fire 4G Plus
- Q413 Canvas Xpress 4G
- Q414 Canvas Blaze 4G+
- Q417 Canvas Mega 4G
- Q4204 Bharat 5 Infinity
- Q424 Bolt Selfie

✔️Added support Lava phones:
- LZG408 X3
- LZX403 Blaze
- LZX404 Blaze Pro
- LZX407 Blaze NXT
- LZX408 Yuva 2 Pro
- LZG403 Z3
- LZG403 25 Z3 Pro
- LZG404 X3

✔️Added support Hisense phones:
- HLTE228E Hisense Infinity E50 Lite
- HLTE228E.13
- HLTE228E.20 Hisense E50 Lite
- HLTE229E.10 Hisense E40
- HLTE229E.12 Hisense V40
- HLTE229E.30 Hisense V40S
- HLTE232E Hisense E50
- HLTE233E Hisense Infinity H50 Lite
- HLTE235E Hisense E60 Lite
- HLTE236E Hisense E60
- HLTE240E Hisense Infinity H60 Smart
- HLTE240E.10 Infinity H60 Lite

✔️Added support Dexp phones:
- Ursus P410
- Ursus P510
- Ursus Q110
- Ursus Q180
- Ursus Q210
- Ursus Q280
- Ursus Q310
- Ursus R110
- Ursus R180
- Ursus S270i
- Ursus S280
- Ursus S370
- Ursus VA110
- Ursus VA210

✔️Added support Bmobile phones:
- AX1076
- AX1076P+
- B50 ProSS
- B70 Pro
- BL40
- BL50 Pro
- BL51
- BL52 Pro
- BL53
- BL54 Pro
- BL60M
- BL61
- BL62
- BL63
- BL63 Pro
- BL65
- BL65+
- Speed 5
- Ultra

✔️Added support:
- TCL 30 LE - 4188S, 4188SPP

✔️Added support:
- Nokia C32 - TA-1542, TA-1548

✔️Improved Unlock operation for Mediatek phones

- download files
- some bugs

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#pandoraupdate, #noneeddongle

Gsmservice Support

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Pandora PRO 6.8 Update. Lot of new devices added.

Added support Bmobile devices:
- AX620, AX650, AX660, AX670, AX675, AX680, AX680+, AX681, AX683, AX685, AX690, AX700,
- AX705, AX710, AX745, AX750, AX751, AX753, AX754, AX800, AX810, AX822, AX823, AX826,
- AX830, AX905, AX921, AX922, AX925, AX926, AX950, AX951, AX959, AX960, AX1010, AX1020,
- AX1030, AX1035, AX1040, AX1045, AX1045E, AX1050, AX1055, AX1060, AX687, AX688, AX688+,
- AX715, AX751+, AX824, AX824 Lite, AX824A, AX824+, AX1100, BL55, BM65 Plus, AX1080,
- AX1085, AX1092, AX1095, B55, B55 Ultra, B60 Pro, B63 Pro, Bella, BL52T, BL60, BL60 Pro,
- N20266, X10

Added support Dexp phones:
- Ursus M170, Ursus N180i, Ursus N210, Ursus N280i, Ursus N310, Ursus N380i, Ursus N410,
- Ursus N570, Ursus N370, Ursus N470

Added support Mobicel phones:
- Zen, Zoom, Zoom H, Vivo Dual Sim, Vivo Single Sim, Venus Go, V1, V2, Rush, RX17, Sapphire,
- Samba, Scarlet, Shift, Smart Gem, Solo P9122, Solo Tab P9120, Sonic V20, Switch, Switch Go,
- Tango, Epic Pro 2, Epic Pro LTE

Added support Doogee phones:
- DK10, Flip X, R10, R20, S100, S100 Pro, S110, S mini, T20 Ultra, T30 Max, T30 Pro,
- T30 Ultra, V Max, V20 Pro, V20 Pro Ultra, V20S, V30, V30 Pro, V30T, V31GT, PT1, N50S,
- S98, S98 Pro, S99, T30S

Added support myPhone phones:
- myA1 Plus, myA17, myG1, myP1, myWX1 Lite, myXI1, myWX1 Plus, myWX2, myXI1 Plus, myXI1 Pro,
- myWX2 Pro, Pocket Pro

Added support BLU phones:
- C6L Max, Dash 4.5 2016, Dash 4.5 2016, G73, G53, G63, G33, J10L

Added support: Realme C51s

- Spreadtrum Nokia repair
- downgrading bootloaders for Xiaomi
- regional unlock Realme
- patch cert error Realme (error(2.ERR_SF_4))
- 'EXT4 REMAP SUPER FAIL' while reading info
- creating default fs
- some bugs

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Gsmservice Support

Staff member
Pandora PRO 6.9 Update

- Added support MediaTek MT8168

- Fixed formating User Data
- Added support ONN phones:
100003561 ONN 8 Pro,
100003562 ONN 10.1 Pro,
100005206 ONN 7,
100005207 ONN 8,
100005208 ONN 10.1,
100005209 ONN 10.1,
100011885 ONN 8 Gen 2,
100011886 ONN 10.1 Gen 2,
100015685 ONN 7 Gen 2,
100026191 ONN 7 Gen 2,
100043279 ONN 11.6 Pro,
100044018G ONN 8 Kids,
100044018P ONN 8 Kids,
100071481 ONN 7 Gen 3,
100071483 ONN 8 Gen 3,
100071485 ONN 10.1 Kids,
100092988 ONN 7 Kids,
100092980 ONN 10.1 Gen 3,
100110027 ONN 11 Pro,
100110603 ONN 10.4 Pro.

- Added support Hisense phones:
HLTE220E Hisense E30,
HS6737MT Hisense L675 Pro,
HS6739MT Hisense F35,
HLTE221E, HLT221E Hisense E30 SE,
HLTE222E Hisense U50, HNR552T,
TYH201H Hisense Tianyi One

- Added support Oukitel phones:
Oukitel C33,
Oukitel C35,
Oukitel OKT3,
Oukitel WP23 Pro,
Oukitel WP28,
Oukitel WP32.

- Added support ZTE phones:
1010 Optus X Pro 2,
1010L Voyage 30 4G,
7060 Blade V50 Smart

- Fixed some bugs

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Pandora PRO 6.10 Update. New devices added

Added support TCL phones:
-T607DL TCL Ion V
-T608DL TCL 40 T

Added support Vortex phones:
- HD65 Ultra
- HD65 Choice
- HD65 Select
- CM62
- CG65
- CMG101
- T10M

Added support Bmobile phones:
- AX754+
- AX1073+

Added support Blackview phones:
- Blackview Color 8
- Oscal Pad 7
- Oscal Pad 80 WiFi
- Tab 90 WiFi
- Tab 16 Pro

Added support ZTE phones:
- Z6351O P650 Pro
- Z6355O P651 2021
- Z6556O A71 5G
- Z6621O Optus X Vista
- Z5155T Blade A5 2019

Fixed some bugs

Арзон нархда Pandora activation сотиб олиш - www.gsmservice.uz
#pandoraupdate, #noneeddongle

Pandora update full history- here
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