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Pandora PRO 6.10 Update. New devices added

Pandora PRO 6.10 Update. New devices added

Added support TCL phones:
-T607DL TCL Ion V
-T608DL TCL 40 T

Added support Vortex phones:
- HD65 Ultra
- HD65 Choice
- HD65 Select
- CM62
- CG65
- CMG101
- T10M

Added support Bmobile phones:
- AX754+
- AX1073+

Added support Blackview phones:
- Blackview Color 8
- Oscal Pad 7
- Oscal Pad 80 WiFi
- Tab 90 WiFi
- Tab 16 Pro

Added support ZTE phones:
- Z6351O P650 Pro
- Z6355O P651 2021
- Z6556O A71 5G
- Z6621O Optus X Vista
- Z5155T Blade A5 2019

Fixed some bugs

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#pandoraupdate, #noneeddongle

Pandora update full history- here