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TFM Tool Pro Updates:


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Official site - here
Credit consumption - here
Official Support - here

Digital license ( no need dongle )


#TFM Tool PRO MTK V1.2.0 Has been released.

Added World First Vivo MTK Demo Remove Android 11 devices (Via server TFM 2-CRD)
Added Boot Mode Operation: FRP,Factory Reset etc Vivo Y20G, Y20 (2021), Y12s and others Android 11 Devices.
Added Huawei KOB2-L09, KOB2-W09 Huawei ID and other Boot Mode Operation
Added World 1st LG LM-X120 K20 (2019) Brom Jobs (world 1st).
Added Xiaomi Redmi 9 (Cattail)
Fixed Bugs and More Improved.
Added many new Models LG,Nokia,Oppo,Realme,Vivo,MI,Tecno,Huawei,Symphony ,Walton,Itel,ZTE and many more brand models.

Gsmservice Team
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TFM Tool Pro MTK V1.3.6(Released Date:17July)
(V1.3.0-V1.3.6) has been released.

Added most wanted feature MTK Bootloader Unlock/Relock Service 1 Click Plug and Play(No need Selection Brand Model,Auth Bypass,Force Brom/Preloader.) Supported Auth Security Based Brand: Oppo |Samsung | Realme | Vivo | Xiaomi | Huawei | Motorola | Tecno | HTC | Nokia | LG | ZTE and Many More Brand Supported

Auto Update: From MTK V1.3.0_Rev2 File and Exe will be Auto Update Also Spending Low Sizes.(No More 500-600MB)

All Bugs and problem will be auto fixed.

Fixed Samsung A10s.M01s.A01s and Some others models Preloader error

Whats can do with Bootloader unlocking?:

Xiaomi China To Global Convert.
Xiaomi The System has been destroyed Fixing.
Mi Account Remove Android 9-11
Custom Rom,Modify Files and Unauthorised Firmware Flashing
Root for System Permisson and Uninstall Unwanted Apps or ay others Job
Repair Service
Allowed: Sec IMG MisMatch When Flashing
Samsung MDM Lock Removing
OPPO ID Removing
FRP Removing

BL Unlock/Relock Supported MTK CPU List Here:
TFM Always Special:
No Need Hardware Module(Dongle) for using TFM Tool Pro.Its ID/Pass Based Tool.
Every 6 Hour later can Change PC.
Auto Updating Exe and Support.
Update Tools Weekly.
Low Price Tool.
Vivo V21 and all OS11 MTK Demo Remove Free(V21,Y12S,Y120,Y20G etc)

Gsmservice Team
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TFM Tool Qc 1.7.0 Released.All Vivo Qcom Flash/Reset EFS/Demo Supported World 1st

Vivo All Qualcomm Model Support Now

Remove Demo All Security (2021)
Reset EFS / Backup EFS / Restore EFS
Unlock Bootloader / Relock Bootloader
Reset Screen Lock / Reset Frp (Last Security)
Flash (All Qc) Reboot To EDL (All Qc)

Vivo New Security FRP Are Supported (Android 11)

Fixed Reset EFS Issue
Fixed Minor Bugs

Keep In Mind All Vivo Auth Job Are Credit Base
Reboot To EDL (0.5) Credit
Reset EFS (5)Credit
Flash Credit Cut Phone Security Based(5/10) Credit.. All Are Noticed On Tool
Unlock Bootloader (10) Credit
Demo (5) Credit

Screen Lock Reset /Frp/ Backup EFS/Restore EFS.. Free

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TFM Tool Pro MTK 1Click Tool is Released...KG/RPMB/Safe Data/Oppo Id & Many More...

Added new Features:
Added Patch DM Verity Feature.
Added RPMB Features: (Read/Write/Erase)
Added Samsung KG Unlock
Added Oppo ID Reset.
Added Oppo-Realme,Vivo Factory Reset Without Data Loss(On Test)

Vivo Demo Remove( V23,V23E Supported)
Factory Reset,Reset FRP,(Factory Reset Samsung)
Unlock/Relock Bootloader.
Reset Huawei ID Latest Build are supported
Reset MI Account(Temp Reset Improved)
Fixed and Improved many Major and Minor Bugs:
Improved Crash Preloader(Force Preloader to Brom)
Tool UI Changed,We are moved to new UI.

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TFM Tool Pro QC V1.0.4 Has Been Released...

World 1st Vivo AFT Services Added

*Vivo AFT Services Features
#Qcom EFS Reset #FRP #Demo #Unlock & Relock Bootloader#Factory Reset #Reboot edl

Vivo AFT Services Support Now Following Model List
Vivo Y50 PD1969F
Vivo U10 PD1928F
Vivo X50 PD2006F
Vivo U3x PD1928
Vivo Y31 PD2050C
Vivo Y51 PD2044F
Vivo Y51 PD2050F
Vivo Y9S PD1945F
Vivo Y70 PD2038CF
Vivo V20 PD2039F
Vivo V21E PD2107F
Vivo V20 SE PD2038CF
Vivo V20 Pro PD2020C
Vivo V20 2021 PD2067F
Vivo S1 PRO PD1945F
Vivo S1 Prime PD1945GF
Vivo iQOO U1 V2023A
Vivo EFS/FRP/Factory Reset Many Phone Are Support FREE
Some List Here
Y11 (PD1930_All)
Y11s (PD2042_ALL)
Y12a (PD2060_ALL)
Y12i (PD1930CF)
Y12s (PD2060_ALL)
Y20_Y20s_Y20i (PD2034_ALL)
Y20 (PD2043_ALL)
Y20s V2 (PD2060CF)
Y91 (PD1818F)
Y93 (PD1818)
Y95 (PD1818F)

*AFT(Vivo Official Services) is Paid Features.Required TFM CRD.
*Vivo 2020-2021(Latest Security) EFS Reset Required 5-CRD(USD)only
*AFT Demo Removal Service Required 5 CRD (5USD)only
*Vivo AFT UBL(Unlock Bootloader cost: 5 CRD.only.
*Vivo AFT Fastboot to EDL cost:0.5 CRD(0.5 USD) only.
*AFT Services Supported Listed Models only

#Xiaomi Skip Auth Bug Are Fixed
Redmi Note 8 (Ginkgo),Mi CC 9 (Pyxis),Mi CC9e (Laurus),Mi A3 ( Laurel ),MI 8 SE (Sirius) Etc
#Samsung FRP Are Improved
Now You Can Easily Do FRP & Factory Reset

#tfmtool, #noneeddongle


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TFM Tool Pro MTK One Click V1.3.9 (B2) Has Been Released✅

World 1st Added Vivo Enable BROM Mode ����
(Vivo Are Move To New Security Which Are Blocked BROM Port)

��Added Oppo Sim Lock Remove (16 digit supported) On Test

New Build/Security Support
��Added For Vivo Devices(V23,V23e,Y21)
��Added and Fixed New Chip
��Added many new Models

About Enable Brom Mode
This Feature for Vivo Brom Mode Blocked Devices.Which phone are preloader mode only enabled. After Enabled Brom mode, you can doing many special operations.Like bootloader Unlock,Full Flash,Erase Custom Partitions,Read,Write,Erase :RPMB,and others secured and special data
Major and Minor many bugs fixed:

��Fixed Redmi 6/6a UBL
��Improved Mi Acc Permanent Bypass
��Improved Patch DM Verify Os11
��Improved Safe Data Reset

Warning! In Network Unlock
Before Doing this Job,Must be backup Security Files.This feature supported with Model based only,So need to select Specific Model first.

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TFM Tool Pro MTK 1.3.9 (B3) Has Been Released

Added Vivo Network Unlock(Beta)
Added Vivo IMEI Repair (Recommanded for Restore Original IMEI for fix damage IMEI)
Android 11 Frp Reset are Improved( it will work on most of all brand)
Vivo Enable Brom are Improved(Support MT6765 Chipset only)

Brom Fixed Phone List:
Vivo Y12
Vivo Y12s
Vivo Y15
Vivo Y15s
Vivo Y17
Vivo Y21
Vivo Y30
Vivo Y01
Vivo Y1S
Vivo Y3
Vivo Y3S
Vivo Y10

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TFM Tool Pro SPD (B12) Has Been Released

Added RSA Auth (Universal Brand Support)

Improved Speardtrum Algo (AI)

Fixed Minor Bugs
#Itel RSA Support Model

Itel L6502 (Vision 1 Pro)
Itel L5006c( A23 Pro)
Itel (A571l)A26 ...

#Added One Click Generic/Features Phone: Factory Reset,Read Info,,Repair IMEI (Diag Mode)(Recommanded for Restore Original IMEI for fix damage IMEI)

#Added One Click All Smart Phone: Factory Reset,Read Info,Repair IMEI (Diag Mode) (Recommanded for Restore Original IMEI for fix damage IMEI)

#Supported Diag Features:OLD/New Methods Also supported Samsung Features Phone.

#Added Boot Mode(Flash Mode) Operations.
Added Factory Reset / Reset FRP By Brand/Model & CPU Base.

#Supported Brand:
Realme,Samsung,Tecno,iTel,Infinix,Symphony,Walton, Hisense,Nokia,Lava,Lenovo & Many Known-Unknown Brand Models.

#Diag Mode (What is Diag Mode and How to Use)
Diag is Universal Factory Usb Software Protocol System For Spreadtrum Platform.
In this Mode No need required any Brand Model Selection.No need any boot key pressing.no need to use Boot JIG.
Using Diag Mode can to do Factory Reset,Read Info,Demo Remove,Restore Original IMEI etc.

#tfmtool, #noneeddongle


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TFM Tool Pro QC 1.7.0 (BETA3) Has Been Released

World 1st Vivo All Model Bootloader Unlock In Fastboot (Quallcomm)
World 1st Vivo All Model Fastboot To Reboot EDL (Quallcomm)
Added Demo Remove Vivo (on Test) (Quallcomm)

Good News For User In This New Listed Operations Are Free :
Vivo Reboot To EDL New
Vivo Bootloader Unlock (New Method)
Vivo Demo Remove (New Method)

Improved Flash Protocol
Fixed Minor Bugs

#tfmtool, #noneeddongle


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TFM Tool Pro 1.7.0 (BETA 5) Has Been Released

World First Vivo AFT Services Free!!!
Factory Reset In Fastboot
Demo Reset in Fastboot
FRP Reset In Fastboot
EFS Reset In Fastboot
Reboot To EDL From Fastboot
Unlock Bootloader In Fastboot

Few List from Supported Model Here
Vivo V20,V20 se,V21e,Y50,Y51,iQOO9 Pro, iQOO9, iQOO8 PRO, iQOO8, IQOO7, iQOO Z1, iQOO5 Neo,
VIVO X70 Pro+, VIVO Y31, Y12a, T1, VIVO X Fold,Y21T,Y21e,V19,V19 Neo,Z1,Z1 PRO,S1 Pro

Please Must Read
EFS Reset Are Requierd (5) Credit

#We Are Supported Most OF New Model From Vivo Quallcomm Chip,If You Have any Phone Just Try To DO Your Job From Fastboot...
#For EFS Reset Must Backup QCN From Diag..

#tfmtool, #noneeddongle


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TFM Tool Pro Main Module V2.7.1 Has Been Released

Improved Samsung Factory Reset (MTP)
Improved Samsung FRP 2022 (Sec)
Fixed Login Issue
Move To New Ui

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TFM Tool Pro Qc V1.7.0 Beta 6 Has Been Released

World 1st Oppo Quallcomm Factory Reset / Frp Reset

Support Models

#tfmtool, #noneeddongle


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TFM Tool Pro QC V1.7.0 BETA 7 Released

World 1st EFS Reset Oppo Qualcomm Phones

EFS Reset Tested On Following Models
A53_2020 (CPH2131/CPH2127)
F19_2021 (CPH2219)

Note:EFS Reset Need 5 Credit & You Can Also Try Others Models As Your Risk

Added Oppo/Realme Qualcomm Model
A32_2020 (PDVM00)
A33_2020 (CPH2137)
A53_2020 (CPH2127,CPH2131)
A95_2021 (CPH2365)
A73_2020 (CPH2099)
A74_2021 (CPH2219)
F19_2021 (CPH2219)
F17_2020 (CPH2095)

Realme C15 Qualcomm Edition (RMX2195)

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TFM Tool Pro Main Module 2.7.2(Samsung)Final Version has been released

✅ Added Samsung Old Phone 1Click frp (download mode)

✅ Improve Samsung FRP (MTP Mode 2022)

✅ Samsung Old/New Flasher added.

Flashing feature Have Many Helpful Functions:

⚙️ Reboot After Job (Require for Modify file flashing )
⚙️ Mark/Unmark Files((Require for Custom file flash)
⚙️ Clear files.

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TFM Tool Pro MTK v1.3.10 Has Been Released

World 1st Added Vivo All Model By Server( Mediatek ) All Security Supported Without Test Point & Without Brom Port
Added Vivo Flash
Added Factory Reset/Frp
Added Unlock Bootloader (Via Downgrade Firmware)
Added Demo Unlock (All Build) All Security Supported

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TFM Tool Pro Qc V1.7.0 B9 Has Been Released

Auto Loader Selection Added

Auto Loader Selection ( In This Method Doesn't Requierd Any Brand Or Model) It Will Work More Than 2000 Model

Added Vivo AFT Services (Auth)

Now You Can Flash Firmware/Reset Frp/Screenlock/Demo/Reboot To EDL Vivo Phone With Auth (Except Chinese Region)

Dont Try Chinese Region Phone Otherwise If Auth Job faild Your Credit Will Cut & It Will Not Possible To Refund

Example Support Model Like This: PD2034BF

Not Support Model Like This : PD2034_F

Example: Some Vivo Model here

Vivo X60 Pro
Vivo Y35

Or You Have any Phone (vivo) Just added Loader From Manual, Than Do Your Job. For Auth Job Must Need Tick (Use Vivo Auth)

Note: Vivo Auth Flash/Demo/Factory Reset/ Reboot To EDL Requierd Credit

#tfmtool, #noneeddongle


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TFM Tool Pro MTK v1.3.13 Has Been Released Vivo (MT6771) Added & More

Y97 PD181F
V11i PD1813F
V15 PD1831F
S1 PD1831
X21i PD1801
Y97 PD1813A
Z3i PD1813C
Y93s V1818CA
Improve Driver Detection ( It Will Warning If You Have Installed wrong Driver)

Improve Protocol & Fixed Minor Bugs

Note: From now V_Auth phone required 10 CRD ( Vivo Server )

#tfmtool, #noneeddongle


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TFM Tool Pro Main Module V2.7.3 has been released.

✅ Added Nokia HMD SPD Factory Reset in Fastboot Mode:Nokia C10 ,C20,C30 and more...

✅ Moved Old UI to New UI ADB Generic Funtions:Read Info,Reset FRP,Reboot Options.

✅ Moved Old UI to New UI Fastboot Generic Funtions:Read Info,Reboot to EDL(UBL Phone).Factory Reset(Generic and HMD SPD Android

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TFM Tool Pro MTK v1.3.12 has been released

Added Oppo Factory Reset.MT6771 Helio P70 Chipset (PRL Port,Meta Mode,Old Devices)Oppo F5,F7,F9,F11,A83 etc.

Some Bug Fixed.

Meta Factory Reset fully revised.Generic and Oppo/Vivo

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TFM Tool Pro Main Module V2.7.4 has been relesed

***Added Baseband Repair from Old module

***Added Restore Orignal Imei from old module

***Added fix firmware encounter from old module

***Fixed frp reset usb scanning issues

***Improved usb detection

***Bug fixed.

#tfmtool, #noneeddongle